Unable to embrace a God who seemed far away, I – K.M. Lessing – sought comfort in many places: gothic clubs, mosques, atheist groups, churches, and everything in between. It’s not easy being a deep person. While many were thinking about SUVs and granite countertops, I was wrestling with the hard questions: Why does God allow so much evil? Where is God? Does he even care? Looking around at the things I saw in the world, and the misfortunes that happened in my life, I felt that God was one big fat jerk. And I wrote about it.

A rare K.M. Lessing sighting - picture from year 2011
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Book Title: God Has Failed Me
Published in 2015

In Part 1 of her true story, K.M. Lessing openly reveals her imperfect life and candidly narrates her journey through the following: gothic club enchantment, her wish for love, marital misery, alcohol entanglement, spending the holidays alone, bad church experiences, loss of faith, disappointing people, the question of abortion, trying to find a boyfriend who isn’t into porn, nihilism, and exposing a crafty internet predator who turns out to be a married religious leader from Iran.

This book is a true story and contains authentic transcribed text messages, voicemails, and conversations.

Throughout her book, K.M. Lessing provides her perspective and critique on the myth of romantic relationships, toxic American “culture,” Hollywood, American pseudo-Christianity, the myth of counselors and why it’s better to become independent, questionable religious leaders, men’s accountability for their errant sexual behavior, and her first-hand experience with Islam.

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Book Title: The Land Of Dark Secrets
Published in 2015

In Part 2 of her true story, K.M. Lessing continues to tell all her secrets, including her conversion to Islam, her two Persian boyfriends who didn’t know about each other, her search for a moral oasis in America, her wish for romance which doesn’t fade into complacency, the forbidden Women’s Language, and her inner conflict about almost everything.

This book is a true story and contains authentic transcribed text messages, voicemails, conversations, and a few select pictures.

Throughout her book, K.M. Lessing provides her perspective and critique on the poisonous “culture” of Hollywood, her first-hand experience with Islam, the comfortable illusion of outward appearances, the myth of PhDs, the boringness of Western guys, the dating desert, the allure of beautiful lies from a Muslim troubadour, the painful failure of human monogamy, men’s accountability for their errant sexual behavior, and the Khomeinist ideology of Iran.

DON’T MISS IT: Explicit conversation with Abazar Wahedi “Mahdi”, the Muslim imam and internet predator who shamelessly preys on women and cheats on his wife. Click here to listen. Full story starts in book “God Has Failed Me” and continues in book “The Land Of Dark Secrets”. BUSTED!

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Book Title: Allah Is A Deceiver
Published in 2015

Although worn out, K.M. Lessing continues to narrate Part 3 of her true story, including her deconversion from Islam, the depression that comes with being the reluctant mistress of a questionable religious leader from Iran, the regrettable day she lost her sexting virginity, the importance of becoming independent from people who want to control you, leaving alcohol behind and finally escaping The False Fairytale.

This book is a true story and contains authentic transcribed text messages, voicemails, conversations, and a few select pictures.

Throughout her book, K.M. Lessing provides her perspective and critique on painful relationships with Persian guys, the question of marriage, atheism, American TV-head zombies, the Khomeinists living in the United States and Iran, the myth of the holy man, and men’s accountability for their errant sexual behavior. Finally, K.M. asks this all-important question: who is the real Christ?

DON’T MISS IT. Video: making the empowered decision to leave Islam, by K.M. Lessing. Click here to view. The Allah of the Quran is not the same as the God of the Bible.

Abazar Wahedi "Mahdi" with K.M. Lessing - year 2013. Doesn't he look so different without his Islamic robe and turban?
The double life of Abazar Wahedi "Mahdi", Muslim imam and predator
Arabic word in Quran 3:54 describing Allah: "makr" - definition from the Hans Wehr dictionary page 917
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This book is being revised.

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My Heart Says I Wish

Book Title: My Heart Says I Wish
Published in 2015

This book contains some erotica. K.M. Lessing continues her search for The True Fairytale and The True Prince. Along her unpredictable journey, she experiences many shipwrecks. She encounters Jesus Terrorists, shady psychopaths, Middle Eastern male chauvinist freakazoids, FBI agents, priests, dormant texting zombies, church ladies, and smart blondes. K.M. includes the story of The Afghan, another Muslim who she falls in love with, to her own chagrin.

As with her previous books, K.M. Lessing fearlessly discusses the topics that everyone else tries to avoid: emotional rape, Islam, porn, psychological blackmail, the vacuous McChurches littering America, letting go of anger at God, the blasphemy of female independence, the boringness of self-absorbed men, the perpetually-sexy TV girl, the pain of loving Middle Eastern guys, and The One Who Turns Hearts To Ice—Allah.

Most importantly, K.M. asks this question: Who is The Real Christ?

This book is a true story.

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The Grand Debate

Book Title: The Grand Debate
Published in 2017

Christians are hurting many people all over the world. Evil committed by people of all races and religions makes it almost impossible to have faith in a benevolent God. The Bible seems confusing, contradictory and misogynistic. Yet even if we experience these blocks, it is not a solution to throw out the baby with the bathwater and say that God doesn’t exist.

But what if your ability to embrace God has been completely destroyed? Throughout our lives we experience many things that make us not want God. Is it possible to work through these things and find a happy ending?  In her true story, K.M. Lessing talks about her real-life journey working through her questions, doubts and conflicts about God. She openly reveals her bad church experiences, her painful experiences with religious men, and her years-long struggle to believe that God is good if there is so much evil and confusion in the world.

This book is for anyone who can’t embrace God, but wants to. It’s for anyone who’s had a bad experience with Christianity. It’s for anyone who struggles with doubt. The point of life is to work through our questions, doubts, and conflicts about God. God loves us and that’s why he wants us to ask questions and think carefully about what we believe, as we live daily in the midst of The Grand Debate.

DON’T MISS IT.  Video: Finding An Alternative To Atheism – K.M. Lessing talks about CERN, science, the fifth dimension of faith, The Nightmare Before Christmas, the original vegetarian (God), the Bible, and the True Fairytale…click here to view.

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KM Lessing with her editor - year 2019

After a lonnnnng period of thinking and searching, I did begin to find peace and resolution to my deep faith questions; it came partly in 2016 when Jesus said to me: I was a jerk to you, and I’m going to make it up to you…

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